August Newsletter


August marked another milestone for our team having rolled out a few more of our planned features. You would have noticed our new Customer Booking and Payment History feature, along with the new Team Members area where service providers and users have now been merged into one.

Customer Booking and Payment History


Do you find it frustrating not being able to view a complete history of past and upcoming bookings for a customer? Would you love to see if a customer has any outstanding payments when viewing their profile? Would it be super useful if you could create or view an invoice in a single click straight from a customer’s booking?

July Newsletter


Happy Friday! July’s been a great month for Mystro. We’ve been mentioned in the press as a “Hot Australian Tech Company to Watch”, rolled out a bunch of new features, and are busy developing the next set of features for release. Here are the features you can expect next: Customer Booking & Payment History View…

Fuel your Startup Business Engine with Mystro


So you’ve made the decision to venture into an exciting career as a health, wellness or fitness professional. You’ve completed your qualifications or left your 9-to-5 job to venture into business for the first time and are eager to hit the ground running. Let’s assume, since you’re reading this, you’re thinking of starting your own business…

A Daily Agenda of Bookings Straight to Your Inbox


Mystro makes managing upcoming appointments on your hectic daily schedule easy. How about we make it even easier for you with the introduction of our Daily Agenda feature? Adding your bookings to Mystro streamlines your schedule, but having a Daily Agenda sent straight to your inbox gives you an overview of your upcoming bookings without even needing to look at…

Our New and Improved Pricing


We’ve received some awesome suggestions over the past few months on ways we can improve our existing pricing structure. We’ve listened to your feedback and have come up with a simpler, less expensive pricing structure, which we think you’ll love!

June Newsletter


We’re kick-starting our newsletter with a bang this month and have lots of great news to share with you. Since launching, the team at Mystro have achieved a great many things. We now have hundreds of health, wellness and fitness professionals actively using Mystro for their business in 24 countries around the world (we still pinch…

The Story Behind Mystro


It was a crisp Winter’s day in August, 2010. We were driving through the twisting, winding roads of Mount Tamborine in Australia, a tropical rainforest escape. It’s such a beautiful place so it was only natural that it would spark inspiration for an idea that was to take us on an exciting chapter of our…